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The evolution of LELO Fabrication

After a long history of working on vehicles while owning two ‘69 Broncos, a Jeep Wrangler and many trucks; it was decided that the long desired Defender was the next vehicle to add to the fleet.  While this was a family decision with strong opinions on the color, yellow was the only color that everyone agreed we didn’t want. Somehow after much research and help from the Rover community a yellow D90 made its way home. Upon initial inspection our one year old was intrigued by the new vehicle. She liked the wind in her hair while riding in the backseat. With her limited vocabulary and most items categorized by color and name she coined the name LELO Truck. With a few initial modifications LELO Truck was ready to hit the trails. As anyone who owns a Rover knows, many repairs would soon be in order. Inspired by the need to for more modifications and hard to find parts, LELO Fabrication was born.